Center Pieces

(Starting at $30 and up.)

Treasure Valley Legislative Agricultural Dinner

Loni created 11 centerpieces for the Treasure Valley Legislative Agricultural dinner held August 26, 2913 at the Hampton Inn in Nampa, Idaho. She was asked to make a green tractor (John Deere) and a red tractor (Case Harvester International) for the main buffet table. The dinner was attended by 50 legislators, commissioners and other civic leaders. Their comments were, “These centerpieces are amazing, beautiful, how long did it take you?” etc. Everyone especially were delighted with her red and green tractors.

Bear with Daisies

This centerpiece is a perfect gift for a birthday, get well, or any other occasion.

Three Little Pigs

So many people love piggies. And, surprise! Each pig is a piggy bank with a coin in its slot. Also this complicated centerpiece is perfect for the banking or financial industry. Another surprise. It’s a HAT!


People’s favorite birthday HAT for kids. The carousel is filled with miniature circus animals. Or it can be filled with dinosaurs, zebras, “Hello Kitty (s)” or anything you can dream up.

Ollie the Octopus

Another favorite. Ollie is in his own little pond with bubbles and a friendly fish. And Ollie the Octopus is a HAT!

The Stork

“A.J. Stork Delivery Service” is adorable for baby showers or welcoming the new baby home.

Tom the Turkey

Tom was in the newspaper and the reporter loved his “waddle.” A surprising and unusual centerpiece for Thanksgtiving or Christmas. What a delightful gift to bring along. Kids go crazy over Tom the Turkey.

Under the Sea

Nemo and his friends make a favorite centerpiece. And surprise! It is also a HAT. For the future fishermen or marine biologists in your life.

No-Fishing Bears

A perfect centerpiece for the fisherman’s birthday. The complicated centerpiece is a real eye-catcher and conversation starter.

Farm Friends

Anyone love farms and farm animals? Kids are fascinated by the adorable lamb, pig, horse, deer and whimsical unicorn. Three piglets peek out of the back. It’s also a HAT!

Or consider a custom-made balloon sculpture for your special event.
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